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About Us


Unforgettable Celebrations.

From Fourth of July to cul de sac parties and sparklers, Pyro City is your destination for the biggest and brightest fireworks for all of life’s celebrations.

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Family Owned and Operated.

Pyro City is headquartered in Grandview, Missouri, only 10 miles east of where the original warehouse was set up nearly 30 years ago.

Brothers, David and John, started selling fireworks out of a small 6’ x 10’ stand in Pittsburg, Kansas.

After a successful season, it was clear they had found their passion. As the business flourished, family members became more involved and staff expanded beyond the family.

The Collar family took many trips to China and worked to build relationships with a variety of firework factories and distributors. They went to demo after demo, searching for the best product in the industry and 23 years ago formed a partnership to become the exclusive distributor–and now largest retailer–of Black Cat(R) Fireworks, the oldest and most recognizable firework brand in America.

Each Pyro City store is unique, but operates under the same philosophy: hire the best employees and provide expert training in fireworks to make every customer happy.

Throughout the year, we work with our overseas partners to review products, safety procedures, and processes in order to bring the best fireworks selection to our customers.

We work hard to keep our prices low and our quality high, because no matter the occasion–gender reveal parties, weddings, New Year’s Eve parties, or laid back summer get togethers–every celebration should have a special spark!

Pyro City fireworks

Pyro City has a 100% no dud guarantee!

Pyro City continues to be family owned and operated, with over 30 showrooms across the country and 20 seasonal locations.

How We Do it

We Listen

We keep in close contact with our store managers and continuously take feedback on what products work best in specific areas. We would love to hear from you. Email us at PyroCityStores@gmail.com and let us know what is your favorite firework.

We Research

We pair what we see and hear in our own stores with research from our overseas partners. We meet with many of the top manufacturers located in Liuyang, China, the world’s firework capital, to see the latest in pyrotechnic techniques and test new products to ensure it’s the highest quality and safe for our customers.

We Order

We pick the best items we see and then directly import them for our stores. Sometimes our firework orders are even placed up to a year in advance.

We Shoot

Every year, we hold multiple shoot-offs for our employees. They get a sneak peak of the season’s brightest colors and biggest booms and bangs, which they’re then able to communicate to customers throughout the year.

Black Cat

Exclusive Black Cat Partner

Pyro City researched a variety of brands and worked to secure a partnership with Black Cat Fireworks, because they truly are the best in the industry, hands down. Pyro City Fireworks is proud to now be the largest retailer of Black Cat Fireworks in the country.

Known for quality, safety, and value, Black Cat Fireworks is one of the oldest and most highly recognized brand of fireworks. All Black Cat Fireworks are 100% handmade, made with the maximum legal powder load, tighter wrapping and thicker tubes. The team at Black Cat Fireworks goes above and beyond the required safety testing, and test fires over 100,000 individuals pieces of fireworks and firecrackers in any given year! The Black Cat quality control system is ISO certified and is audited every year by an independent organization in order to ensure the safety of our products.


Whether you’re a long-time customer or new to the Pyro City family, we would like to say thanks for making us your #1 Fireworks destination. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect products for your next event.

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