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Firework Types

Acquire the finest fireworks in Kansas City who has high-quality options that promises to elevate your celebration.

Artillery Shells Fireworks

Artillery Shells

Artillery Shells are great for someone who wants to be involved in their show. A single pack comes with both tubes and mortar shells. One at a time, mortar shells are placed at the bottom of the tube and ignited from the long shell fuse.


Available in all sizes and price ranges. These pre-packaged firework displays offer a little bit of everything and typically include fountains, sparklers, multi-shots, and sometimes artillery shells. This grab-and-go option is a great value and perfect for first-time pyros.
Assortments Fireworks
Firecrackers Fireworks


A celebration staple! Our Black Cat® firecrackers are 100% handmade and provide tighter wrapping and bigger bangs. Lay on the ground, light the fuse, and the entire pack will go off one right after another with a loud bang. Firecrackers can also be lit one at a time for an extended show.


Also called driveway items, fountains shoot four to eight feet in the air. Fountains are extremely colorful and contain a variety of effects, including whistling and crackling. Produces a display of up to 15 feet.
Fountains Fireworks
Multi-Shots Fireworks


These fireworks are also called “cakes,” each having a different effect (multi-color, crackles, glitter, etc.) All breaks are fused together; light a multi-shot firework once and watch multiple shots soar into the sky.

Multi-Shots 500 Gram

With the maximum legal limit of powder, 500 gram multi-shots give you big effects high in the sky. Like the smaller multi-shot, light this item once and sit back and enjoy. are a great finale item for any firework show.
Multi-Shots 500 Gram Fireworks
Novelty-Parachutes Fireworks


Novelty and Parachute items range from tanks and snappers to party poppers. Novelty fireworks may roll on the ground, and often provide added excitement with features such as spinners or parts that glow. Our novelty and parachute collections are perfect for daytime use. These items should be used while under adult supervision.


Rocket style fireworks fly high into the sky. Once ignited, rockets soar with a tail or shower of sparks and finale. Talk to your salesperson about the safest ways to shoot rockets before you buy.
Rockets Fireworks
Roman Candles Fireworks

Roman Candles

Another classic firework, roman candles come in a cylinder tube and typically contain five to ten shots with colorful stars, whistles, reports, and other effects. For safety purposes, it’s best to use a launch pad or tube.


Smoke fireworks, or smoke bombs, have multiple uses and are popular year-round! Once lit, these fireworks emit thick, bold smoke in a variety of colors. These are perfect for daytime use and are popular for gender reveal parties.
Smoke Fireworks
Sparklers Fireworks


Sparklers are hand-held fireworks that emit sparks when lit. Sparklers come in a variety of sizes and colors, including bamboo sticks and metal wires. They are used year-round and are popular for a multitude of celebratory occasions.


Whether its spinning on the ground, attached to a tree, or flying up in the sky, spinners (also known as wheel fireworks or wings fireworks) offer unique effects and variety.
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