Demo Kit


Demo Kit.  An all aerial cake assortment with 16 different multi-shot cakes (4 500gram & 12 200gram) 333 shots total.
Hardcore 25,  25 shots
Crowning Glory,  19 shots
Sensory Overload,  28 shots
Let’s Get After It,  20 shots
Palms Away,  12 shots
Wild Beast,  28 shots
Unrivaled,  28 shots
Thunder Strike,  28 shots
Secret Force,  19 shots
Hit It!,  20 shots
Chasin’ Tail,  20 shots
Sonic Storm,  16 shots
Remember the Fallen,  15 shots
Noisy Boys,  15 shots
Maximum Impact,  20 shots
Bear Attack,  20 shots

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Sound Check.  Angled compound cake assortment.  light both left and right cake simultaneously for an incredible pyro show. 48 shots.
7″ Thor.  6 Pack Missiles. 1. Yellow stars with white strobe; 2. Green stars with white strobe; 3. Blue stars with white strobe; 4. Red stars with crackles; 5. Purple stars with crackles; 6. Lemon stars with crackles.”
Strike Force.  4 pack Missiles. “1. Blue pearls with brocade crown;  2. Crackling willow;  3. Red green coco palm;  4. Red pearls with time rain.”
Piggy Rocket.  5 Pack.  1.Blue light, 2. White strobe, 3. Gold willow, 4. Brocade crown, 5. Crackling chrys.

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