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This safe and sane assortment is filled with sparklers, snappers and smoke – the perfect family pack to kick off the party.
All Brothers assortment with 500g aerials and artillery shells. 825 shots!
Boom Box.  An all aerial cake assortment with 9 different multi-shot cakes (2 500gram & 7 200gram) 174 shots total. Red, White & Wild,  24 shots Chart Topper,  24 shots K-Pop,  16 shots Crowning Glory,  19 shots Sonic Storm,  16 shots Hit It!,  20 shots Chasin’ Tail,  20 shots Noisy Boys,  15 shots Maximum Impact,  20 shots
This bucket truly is fun with Black Cat fountains, snappers, snakes, poppers and much more.
Celebrate America and light up the sky with an assortment of multi-shots, artillery shells, and fountains.
Demo Kit.  An all aerial cake assortment with 16 different multi-shot cakes (4 500gram & 12 200gram) 333 shots total. Hardcore 25,  25 shots Crowning Glory,  19 shots Sensory Overload,  28 shots Let’s Get After It,  20 shots Palms Away,  12 shots Wild Beast,  28 shots Unrivaled,  28 shots Thunder Strike,  28 shots Secret Force,  19 shots Hit It!,  20 shots Chasin’ Tail,  20 shots Sonic Storm,  16 shots Remember the Fallen,  15 shots Noisy Boys,  15 shots Maximum Impact,  20 shots Bear Attack,  20 shots
Grab this bag and make the family happy with a mix of our best Black Cat fountains, aerials, roman candles, sparklers and snappers.  
This is a safe & sane assortment filled with a variety of color effects, novelties, and sparklers.
This assortment is filled with the best Black Cat products – fountains, multi-shots, artillery shells, saturn missile bases and more!
This is the perfect assortment for your junior pyro. Pick up this Black Cat backpack and keep them happy with cones, fountains and novelty items.  
The Junior Pyro family pack has it all; fountains, novelties, smoke and multi-shots.
This safe and sane assortment is packed full of fountains, smoke, sparklers, poppers, snappers and more!
A budget friendly firework assortment filled with chickens, colored smoke balls, sparklers, snappers and cones.
Be the true king of your party with the King of the Block! The sky will be rockin’ with this assortment of 500 gram cakes and artillery shells.
Every celebration needs a Party Animal and we have the perfect match! This family pack is full of Black Cat artillery shells, fountains, multi-shots and aerials.
Light up the sky with all the aerials and fountains in the Party Pack #3 . These items are hand picked for this pack and not available for individual purchase in store.


Sound Check.  Angled compound cake assortment.  light both left and right cake simultaneously for an incredible pyro show. 48 shots.
7″ Thor.  6 Pack Missiles. 1. Yellow stars with white strobe; 2. Green stars with white strobe; 3. Blue stars with white strobe; 4. Red stars with crackles; 5. Purple stars with crackles; 6. Lemon stars with crackles.”
Strike Force.  4 pack Missiles. “1. Blue pearls with brocade crown;  2. Crackling willow;  3. Red green coco palm;  4. Red pearls with time rain.”
Piggy Rocket.  5 Pack.  1.Blue light, 2. White strobe, 3. Gold willow, 4. Brocade crown, 5. Crackling chrys.

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