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10 inch metal wire sparkler with traditional sparkling effect available in green, yellow or red. 8 pieces per pack.
10 inch bamboo stick with traditional gold sparkling effect. 8 pieces per box.
10 inch metal wire with traditional gold sparks. 8 pieces per box.
14 inch metal wire that emits gold sparks. 6 pieces per box.
20 inch metal wire sparkler that emits gold sparks with approximately 135 second burn time. 4 pieces per pack.
36 inch metal wire sparkler with approximately 245 second burn time. 4 pieces per pack.
36 inch Morning Glory sparkler with colored and cascading silver sparks. 6 pieces per pack.
8 inch metal wire sparkler with traditional sparkling effect. 6 pieces per pack.
16 inch special effect sparkler with multi-color sparks and cascading silver sparklers. 72 pieces per box.
17 inch metal wire sparkler with one-of-kind Japanese technology for unique effects with super bright and glowing neon colors. Available effects include: color changing sparkler, crackling glitter, silver fitter sparkler and color flame waterfall sparkler. 5 peices per pack.


Sound Check.  Angled compound cake assortment.  light both left and right cake simultaneously for an incredible pyro show. 48 shots.
7″ Thor.  6 Pack Missiles. 1. Yellow stars with white strobe; 2. Green stars with white strobe; 3. Blue stars with white strobe; 4. Red stars with crackles; 5. Purple stars with crackles; 6. Lemon stars with crackles.”
Strike Force.  4 pack Missiles. “1. Blue pearls with brocade crown;  2. Crackling willow;  3. Red green coco palm;  4. Red pearls with time rain.”
Piggy Rocket.  5 Pack.  1.Blue light, 2. White strobe, 3. Gold willow, 4. Brocade crown, 5. Crackling chrys.

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